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The goal of this Resource Toolkit is to provide multiple audiences with information and guidelines that help strengthen Acadia’s reputation, internally and externally. The Acadia reputation is dependent on how multiple audiences represent Acadia, through both personal and impersonal interactions, spanning both academic and promotional experiences. Personal interactions could include face-to-face experiences with Acadia representatives (in a professional/recruitment setting), thought-leadership representation (staff, faculty presentations) and Acadia ambassadors (alumni, staff, current students that represent Acadia in more casual settings). Impersonal interactions could include printed publications (magazines, newsletters), online footprint (website, blogs, media), and social channels (official and unofficial channels.)

As demonstrated, the Acadia University reputation relies on multiple audiences, channels and stakeholders to deliver the whole story of Acadia. This Resource Toolkit has been developed to serve multiple audiences, both internal faculty and staff and external resources. This Resource Toolkit does not provide an exhaustive list of delivery requirements for Acadia University stakeholders, but does serve as a guideline for implementation of multiple communication types. The Resource Toolkit has been organized into three primary sections.

  • Acadia Reputation Resources: Delivers content about who Acadia is, how we use that in our communications and what it means for our stakeholders.
  • Visual Identity Resources: Delivers guidelines for consistent use of the Acadia University visual identifiers for multiple stakeholders. Includes visual identity templates for internal implementation.
  • Promotional Support Resources: Delivers guidelines for representing Acadia University in promotional materials for multiple audiences. Includes promotional material templates for external implementation.

If any stakeholder is unclear on how to best proceed with representing Acadia University in an academic or promotional capacity, contact University Communications.


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